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Every product sold by Newart Australia Pty Ltd is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, including the following:

• It extends to the original customer only and is not transferable.
 It is effective from the date of purchase of the product.
• Original proof of purchase of the product or the receipt will be required for any warranty claim to be considered.

Newart Australia Pty Ltd warrants your product against any manufacturing defect or faulty workmanship including full replacement or repair in part or whole as displayed on the product, subject to the following:

• If the defect or faulty workmanship prevents the product to be used for its normal, intended purpose.
• Any defect in workmanship, which at the time of purchase of the product should reasonably presented itself to you at examination of the product.

Newart Australia Pty Ltd does not have any liability or responsibility under this warranty where, caused by conditions beyond Newart Australia Pty Ltd’s control including, but not limited to any cost, loss, misuse, neglect, accidents, attachment of accessories, not originating from Newart Australia Pty Ltd, act of God, overloading beyond recommended capacity or other improper treatment of the product, including unusual use or abusive wear and tear leading to malfunction or damage or incorrect assembly or disassembly of fitment by the purchaser or any other third party.

The warranty only applies for manufacturing faults, and does not cover components, which by their nature may reasonably require periodic replacement due to normal use.

The warranty does not extend to consequential or incidental damage, including but not limited to your existing furniture or environment or to any other person or property.

It is your responsibility to maintain the product adequately and ensure that any components subject to wear through use or exposure to the elements are inspected periodically and replaced with Newart Australia Pty Ltd parts as required.

No warranty is provided for failures caused by inadequate maintenance nor non-compliance to fitting instructions supplied by Newart Australia Pty Ltd.